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Age: 24          Alix-1                        

Occupation: Master’s Student in Clinical Nutrition, Registered Dietitian; Indoor Cycling Instructor; Beauty, Fitness & Health Writer

Tell us about yourself in under 100 words:

I’m definitely a bit of an old soul. I love classic rock, sitting in coffee shops and reading, striking up a convo with anyone and everyone. I love public speaking. I also love horses, fitness/running, spirituality, art and clothes.

What is something about you that most people don’t know?

I can make really good animal noises- sheep, horse, you name it.

Close your eyes and picture “beautiful”. What comes to mind?

I think the most beautiful thing a person can be is confident. When you’re confident, you exude a beautiful energy. You are able to be truly happy for OTHER people and to yourself, that is by far the most beautiful thing.

What is the most amazing thing your body has done for you?

My body is so forgiving–it’s incredible. It took me back after years of underfeeding it and over-exercising it. It runs marathons when I ask it to, it teaches spin classes, it squats more than it’s own weight. There’s nothing my body WON’T do for me.

If you could look like someone else who would it be? If offered the chance to look like them instead of yourself for the rest of your life would you take it?

Mila Kunis. For this one, I might take it. I am happy with myself but Mila Kunis is freaking flawless.

As a nutritionist, what are some of the biggest diet-related myths that you read or hear about in media?

Oh dear…where to start. There’s tons of misleading info in the media and it’s so hard to know what’s true! Some things to know:

1) You don’t need a juice cleanse to detox your body- that’s what your kidneys and liver are for.

2) Dairy/Gluten aren’t evil. These things CAN be bad for you, if in fact you are gluten or dairy intolerant. Otherwise, limiting these foods means cutting out a lot of really healthy foods like Greek yogurt and whole grains! Gluten free foods are often times even higher in calories and sugar than their gluten-rific counterparts!

3) Doctor Oz (or your PCP) didn’t have to go through any nutrition training in med school. Always ask a Registered Dietitian before taking any nutrition advice that sounds iffy.

4) Eating after 7 PM/eating at night will NOT cause you to gain more weight. Calories don’t know what time it is. 200 Calories of popcorn eaten at 11 PM does not magically become more fattening than it would if eaten at noon. The problem is that people tend to be LESS MINDFUL when they eat at night because they’re tired, they’re sitting in front of the TV, or they feel like they deserve a treat because they’ve been “good” all day. If you can control your portions at night and you prefer eating later, you have my okay.


It seems like every month there is a new fad diet, cleanse or magic weight-loss solution. Do you think these are right for some people or do we get sucked in by brilliant marketing campaigns?

There are definitely some fad diets or “magic” weight loss solutions out there that are just bad for everyone. These are things like the Cabbage Soup or Sacred Heart Diet, diet pills like Hydroxycut, crash diets like “The Cookie Diet”, etc. But there’s a cover for every pot. There are some more fad-like diets out there that aren’t actually terrible for everyone. These are diets like the Paleo Diet, a ketogenic diet, The Ornish Diet, Weight Watchers, The Mediterranean diet, just to name a few. These diets do have some sound scientific research to back them up and while they may not be right for everyone, they can be okay for some people. My philosophy is that the best diet is one that you can stick to, that gives you proper energy, that provides the right amount of nutrients and calories for your individual needs, and one that can be finagled to allow for a social life.

If you could give one message to women of the world what would it be?

Make your passion your paycheck. Make your own money. Fall hopelessly, madly in love but don’t ever rely on someone else to get by.



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